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Welcome to Magengo designs 











Hi, this is Rana the founder and the designer of Magengo designs I live with my very supportive husband and our sweet boy Anesti in Germany.

I'm a civil engineer but I always find my happiness in the craft world, till we decided to turn my hobby to something can add more happiness for all the other crafters.

Who is Magengo designs?
We are a small company located in Germany,Wuppertal and founded on 2019 to produce the digital products, then we found that we can add more to the crafting community by producing a real products, products can the crafters feel, touch, stamp and cut them.
We are so thankful for each chance that given to us to be a part of the crafting world and so proud to share our designs with the crafters how are really care of sharing kindness, love and smile with others to make the world a better place to live.

What dose Magengo mean?

We have searched for a long time for a cute and different name for our company and one day Anesti (our sweet son) was starting to learn the animals names and when he came to Flamingo he said (MAMY LOOK MAGENGO) and because we love Flamingos so much and we love the color pallet of it, we found that this name is the perfect name to start a family journey that each one has added his special thing on it.

About our materials:

We are always excited to bring for you a very cute and fun products for your crafting needs.

We take our time to produce a high quality products, created with love and care so you can enjoy your happy crafting moments.

Our stamps are made from a very high quality of photopolymer clear stamps perfect to stamps using different types of inks so you can get a perfect stamped images.

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