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Angel policy

All Magengo designs products are for personal use only.

However, we welcome you to use our products for resale of your finished handcrafted projects if you adhere to the following terms and conditions:
  * All of Magengo desings images are copyrighted.
Our images may not be digitally altered or reproduced.
  * All artwork must be individually hand stamped and may not be reproduced or copied this includes photocopying, printing, 
     tracing, scanning, etc.
  * Magengo designs images and products may not be distributed, swapped or sold pre-stamped/pre-cut as a craft supply on their
     own or as an individual item in a kit in any way.
  * Magengo designs images may not be used for logos, trademarks or promotional materials.
  * Wherever possible, Magengo designs Trademarks and Copyrights should be displayed.
  * Quantities of each original work must be limited in scope and must not constitute an ongoing business.
  * Digital files of any type containing Magengo designs images may not be sold under any condition.
  * All artists selling their creations assume all responsibility and agree to indemnify Magengo designs and company
     from disputes arising from their work.

Magengo designs may change these policies at any time.

We appreciate your consideration of our copyrights


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