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Happy Mail stamp set

Happy Mail stamp set

SKU: MD0001
14,99 €Price
  • With our happy mail stamp set you will be sure that your mails is quickly and safely delivered, our cute mouse is the perfect post officer for your cards and mails.

    This 4'' x 6'' stamp set is made out of hight quality photopolymer clear stamps to give you a great result of the stamped images when using different types of inks.


    Approximate size:

    Sitting mouse: 1 9/16''w x 1 9/16''h 

    Standing mouse: 1 9/16''w x 1 7/8''h 

    Postage stamps roll: 1 3/16''w x 11/16''h

    Envelope: 1 1/4''w x 7/16''h 

    Envelope: 1/2''w x 3/8''h 

    Paper plane1: 13/16''w x 5/8''h 

    Paper plane2: 9/16''w x 7/16''h 

    Letter: 1 5/8''w x 9/16''h 

    Postage stamp: 3/4''w x 3/4''h 

    Dash line: 1 3/4''heart loop

    Heart loop: 1 1/2''w x 9/16''h 

    Heart1: 1/4''w x 1/4''h 

    Heart2 : 1/8''w x 1/8''h 


    This stamp set also includes a few cute sentiments: 



    Hugs to:


    HAPPY MAIL: 1 1/16''

    Specila mail to my best friend: 2 3/8''

    Made with love: 1 1/4''

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