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Home Sweet Home stamp set

Home Sweet Home stamp set

SKU: MD0002
14,99 €Price
  • This stamp set contains a cute stamps who helps you to create an adorable cards for new home, saying hello or miss you to someone and much more.

    This 4'' x 6'' stamp set is made out of hight quality photopolymer clear stamps to give you a great result of the stamped images when using different types of inks.


    Approximate size: 

    Chair sofa: 1 7/8''w x 1 3/4''h 

    Girl: 1 3/16''w x 1 11/16''h 

    Floor lamp: 15/16''w x 2 1/8''h

    Side table: 7/8''w x 7/8''h

    Landscaoe picture: 13/16''w x 1''h 

    Dog: 1''w x 5/8''h 

    Dreaming bubble: 1 1/16''w x 15/16''h 

    Telephone: 13/16''w x 11/16''h 

    Telephone handset: 3/8''w x 3/4''h 

    Telephone wire: 7/16''w x 5/16''h 

    Heart: 3/16''w x 3/16''h 


    This stamp set also includes a few cute sentiments:



    What's up?

    I miss you?

    blah, blah, blah: 1 3/8''

    Home sweet Home: 1 5/8''

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