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Christmas Eve card by Rana

Hi everyone! this is Rana and I'm so excited to share my card for you today featuring:

Although that my today's card has a lot of fun details but it is so easy to create.

First of all I stamped the sleigh, the presents and eight raiders.

Then I collared them with Ohuhu alcohol markers and them out using pair of scissors.

After that I started to work on the background and I cut 5 * 7 inches panel from a dark blue card stock and started to add the clouds using fluffy clouds stencil and white ink.

I wanted to add Sparkel around the raiders and for that I embossed a lot of starts using versmark ink and clod embossing powder.

I used liquid adhesive to attach all the stamps on the card and cut a very thin strips from cold card stock and used it as a rope to connect the raiders together.

To finish my card I just attached the background with all the stamps on a craft paper card base.

I hope you liked my today's card as I did :)

Have a happy holidays


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