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Joy to the World

Hello it's me again, Ute. This time I show you again a new inspiration featuring Joy to the world stamp set.

Now I would like to tell you a little about how I made this card. I will link to the Magengo Design products at the end of the post.

I chose a background by Sandy Allnock, which she shows in her classes. A bit of a bold sky for me and I wasn't quite sure how this one would come out. She uses a very unique method in the course and I thought, ok, let's see what happens. I had stamped the stamps onto a blank white alcohol friendly paper using the masking technique. After the background was painted, I colored in the figures. Still a little gold in the star, the smaller stars, the halo and a few details here and there.... Finally, I have embossed with white the text.

Thank you for visiting the blog. Leave a comment with wishes, which product you would like to see, where you need an idea or simply how you liked the card. Wish you a great time, see you next time


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