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Warm Greetings By Lorena

Hi everyone!

I'm back for another week, today I want to show you this card that I made with the Warm Greetings stamps, shall we start?!

We start preparing the base of the card with a pink cardboard, we add a strip of brown cardboard to simulate the floor, and cardboard to make part of the wall, this is something very simple, and I love the result! ☺️

Next we color all the stamps, this set of stamps has a lot of details! and you can create beautiful scenes with them, so I decided to color almost all the stamps so that no detail was missing on the card.

Then we are placing all the stamps on the card, personally it is something that takes me a lot of time, and I change many times until it is perfect! This set of stamps is one of my favorites, it's so adorabl

Finally, we add a sentiment and card is done!

Really, for me, Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, it's magical! 💖✨

And you, do you like Christmas?

I hope you like it, see you soon. I send you strong hugs 💖☺️



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