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You Are Purrfect stamp set


You Are Purrfect stamp set

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  • If you are a cat lover or you have friends how loves cats, then this stamp set is PURRFECT to create an amazing handmade cards.

    This 4'' x 6'' stamp set is made out of hight quality photopolymer clear stamps to give you a great result of the stamped images when using different types of inks.


    Approximate size:

    Sitting cat 1: 1 1/4''w x 1 1/2''h

    Sitting cat 2: 1 1/4''w x 1 5/16''h

    Playing cat: 1 1/2''w x 1 1/4''h

    Lying down cat: 1 1/4''w x 1 3/16''h

    Mouse: 13/16''w x 7/16''h

    Wool ball 1: 1/2''w x 1/2''h

    Wool ball 2: 7/8''w x 1/2''h

    The fly: 3/16''w x 1/8''h

    Fish skeleton: 5/8''w x 1/2''h

    Basket: 1 7/8''w x 9/16''h

    Trash can: 15/16''w x 1''h

    Trash can cover: 15/16''w x 5/16''h 

    Smell effect: 1/2''w x 9/16''h 

    Cat's paw print: 5/16''w x 5/16''h 


    This stamp set includes also a few Purrfect sentiments:

    Meow!: 11/16''

    You are Purrfect: 1 3/8''

    You make me happy: 1 3/4''

    I wool always be here for you: 2 1/2''

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