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You are Purrfect | Hello

Hello it's me again Ute, This time I show you again a new inspiration on the theme HELLO featuring You Are Purrfect stamp set.

Now I would like to tell you a little about how I made this card:

For this card I used the masking technique, here you stamp the image, in this case the trash can, on a masking paper.,This sticks on the back, alternatively you can also take a Post it. Now I cut out the trash can with the lid and think about how I want to attach this to the card. Here I can also make a template, just take cheap printer paper and stamp everything you need.

First you stamp the fish , mask this one, Now you can stamp the bucket, mask it and stamp and mask the lid as well.

Finally stamp the cat, if necessary still cover something so that you have no imprint where you do not want. Finally stamp the flies and the sentiment. Color everything, since I was a little bored with the card, I added patterned paper and a few accents. Finished the card :)

Thank you for visiting the blog. Leave a comment with wishes, which product you would like to see, where you need an idea or simply how you liked the card.

Wish you a great time, see you next time.

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